25 Singers, 25 Languages, And Let It Go Has Never Sounded So Good

Disney has released a new, behind-the-scenes version of their smash hit song Let It Go from their animated movie, Frozen.

In celebration of Frozen becoming the highest grossing animated movie of all time, Disney has released studio footage of the film's smash hit song Let It Go being sung in 25 international languages.

Each of the 25 ladies from different backgrounds have gotten a line or two in this improvised version of the song, which features the original singer Idina Menzel at the start, followed by the other two dozen.

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Without the visuals, it would've been difficult to guess that it is being voiced by so many different ladies; such is the similarity in voices of the singers.

It actually was quite difficult for Disney to find that many international sopranos with a voice similar to Menzel's, but judging by the way this song sounds, it's only fair to say they did a fantastic job.

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