Djesus Uncrossed: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Tarantino Spoof (Video)

“He’s risen from the dead and he is preaching anything but forgiveness”

Djesus Uncrossed is an ‘ultimate revenge fantasy’ which features Jesus Christ in a Tarantino-directed, extremely violent revenge movie like “Django Unchained”.

This movie trailer is a Saturday Night Live parody and the story begins with the Resurrection of Jesus, played by host Christoph Waltz, who leaves the cave where his body lies and instead of leaving for heaven, sets out seeking ‘revenge’ on the Romans killing them with swords and Uzis.

This SNL spoof might not turn out to be an appropriate sketch because it will surely offend many Christians who may not like Jesus Christ to be portrayed as violent and indecent.

Watch the video above for the complete trailer.

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