America, Please Watch Trump Dance To "Hotline Bling" Before You Vote

Amna Shoaib
Trump makes dad dancing cool again on his SNL appearance.

By this time, all of us are aware of, and in awe of, the many shades of Donald Trump.

Not only does Donald Trump have genius ways to "tackle" immigration (build a wall between Mexico!), this secret scientist also has boiled down the many problems modern woman face to a single, all-encompassing issue: menstruation.

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Now, Trump is channeling his inner socially awkward, elementary school kid with his rendition of Drake's uber famous "Hotline Bling."

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Ever since Drake's music video was released, it has inspired multiple spin-offs thanks to its non-conformist choreography.

And Trump had to join the bandwagon this latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

Feast your eyes, America.

As Trump said, his SNL episode would be special.