The Dumbest Moment In Millionaire Contest History

How could she get such a simple question wrong? An attractive blonde named Whitney Beseler has provided arguably the dumbest moment of all-time in television history.

Dumbest Contest

We want to discard the dumb blonde stereotype that has unfairly dogged women with fair hair for decades, but then what should we do of instances like this one here?

The incident took place on Australian TV program Millionaire Hot Seat where Beseler, a P.E. teacher, appeared as a contestant. Having taken the hot seat opposite to host Eddie McGuire, she was served with a routine $100 question which was simple enough for even a four-year-old.

"Which of these is not a piece of jewelery commonly worn to symbolize a relationship between two people?" was the incredibly easy question posed to her. Anniversary ring, engagement ring, wedding ring and burger ring were the four options.

As expected, the nervous Beseler misunderstood the question and answered it with Option B: Engagement Ring. Even the audience's reaction and McGuire's repetition of the question didn't set off any alarm bells for her as she stood firm by her answer.

Not just that, when it became clear that her answer was wrong, she went back to the question and still couldn't detect her blunder. When she finally did, it drew a round of laughter from the audience. Even McGuire struggled to keep a straight face.

Having made a huge fool of herself on national TV, Beseler rebounded well, saying: "Oh my God, burger ring! Oh, Eddie - that is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. Can we cut and start again please?"

McGuire's response and his consolation prize added further humor to what certainly is one of the most entertaining sequences to come out of any millionaire contest. Check it out above.

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