This SNL Skit Sends A Clear Message: Don't Mess With "The Rock" Obama

To be fair, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Tom Cotton had it coming. The Rock Obama's gonna teach them a lesson in good governance.

Obama will take you down! 

Saturday Night Live had Dwayne Johnson on to play President Obama's rather dangerous, Rock-inspired alter ego again this week.

So here is the premise of the show: Prez Obama is your standard nice guy, you know the one who really does want to talk his way out of conflicts and not get um, violent.

But even a cool president can lose his cool. For example, if you are a senator of the government that he is heading, and you invite the Israeli prime minister on an official visit to the country under his governance, without his permission, expect to be in trouble.

That's when Barack Obama will lose it: the seams of his shirts tear and his fists ball and he metamorphosizes into the mighty, the magnificent "The Rock Obama."

The Rock Obama doesn't take things sitting down. If you happen to be Tom Cotton with a fondness of writing certain letters, The Rock has an important question for you,

"How do you write letters with no hands?" he bellows before ripping your hands off.

But that is not all. Watch the video to witness Michelle's transformation into "She Rock Obama."

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