Watch Dwight Howard's Fantastic Impression Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The big fella still cannot nail it from the free throw line but his impressions are right on the money.

Once considered the best center in basketball, Dwight Howard's stock has fallen considerably in the past few years. Injuries, team changes and his drama queen attitude have all contributed to his decline, but at least he is every bit as funny as he was in his prime.

The NBA's perennial jokester recently did his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression for the Fandango team over the weekend, and no matter how much you dislike him for his antics, there is no doubt he was spot on. In fact, his mimicry was even better than Houston's other big superstar J.J. Watts'.

Now that we think about it, Howard was actually funny and pretty likable from the day he entered the league. Who doesn't remember his famous Charles Barkley impression? But then he made a complete hash of his exit out of Orlando and couldn't handle the bright lights of LA.

And now, all he is remembered for are bad career moves, lack of a post game and horrendous free throw shooting. But there is so much more about him which can make us laugh. Like his parody video above.

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