Ecuadorian President Calls Out Haters, And John Oliver

Rafael Correa doesn't like to take crap from anyone, especially famous comedians.

Rafael Correa, the president of Ecuador, doesn't tolerate people talking about him on social media. 

He's so tuned into his social media mentions that Correa personally takes time out of his speeches to publicly call out the people that have made comments about him on Facebook and Twitter.

When English comedian John Oliver learned about this, he decided to take Correa on himself:

So, John Oliver calls out Correa for calling others out, and guess what? Correa called out John Oliver for calling him out. On his Twitter. Right back atcha!

"This English comedian mocks President Correa: Is there even such a thing as English comedians? Are you sure?"



"The Latin Americans are proud to have citizens, and not subjects. They're becoming famous while they probably think that the capital of Ecuador is Kuala Lumpur. They don't deserve another chance. A hug for everyone."

As you can see, Correa doesn't want anyone talking about him. 

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