Elizabeth Raine Decides To Withdraw From Virginity Auction

Turns out Elizabeth Raine is just a tease. She isn’t losing her virginity after all.

The 28-year-old med student, who took on the name “Elizabeth Raine”, decided to back out from auctioning her virginity after receiving a winning bid of $801,000.

Apparently, she is cheesed off by the publicity and doesn’t feel like going through with it. The bidding, which took place on www.elizabeth-raine.com, has been taken off.

The medical student made headlines when she decided to auction her virginity online earlier this year. She often wrote about herself in her blog, Musings Of A Virgin Whore, and posted lots of pictures of herself to help potential bidders make an informed decision.

She initially publicized all her photographs with “Elizabeth Raine” plastered over her face. However, she finally let the audience see her mug.

After she finally announced that her virginity was auctioned for $801,000, Raine said in a blog post that she no longer intends to lose her virginity to the winning bidder, mainly because of too much press attention.

The entire story came across as rather peculiar. After all, why would a medical student mire her name in such silliness, but that’s the world for you.

She tried to explain via her that “initially”, this whole ruckus was about the money. That’s a very believable statement, save for the initial bit that seems quite existent.

When she first announced to auction her virginity, Elizabeth told EliteDaily.com that she never planned on being a then 27-year-virgin. It’s something that just kind of happened.“Many women are raised believing that they should hold on to their virginity and that it’s something that’s important for their marriage, for their relationship. It is a measure of how good they are as a person."

So, this is what the man who made a generous $801,000 bid is missing out on.

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