Ellen Gives Cinderella A Shade Of Grey In This Awesome Mash-up

This will make you feel all sorts of 50 shades of happiness.

On Valentine’s Day, 50 Shades of Grey premiered. But even better that the film itself is Ellen DeGeneres’s spoofed up version of it, which is a mash-up of its trailer along with bits from the upcoming Disney film, Cinderella.

Aptly titled 50 Shades of Disney, it is absolutely fascinating to watch the raunchy X-rated, highly criticized erotic romance meet the innocent and colorful world of glass slippers and fairy tales.  

She even made use of the kick-ass soundtrack, courtesy of the beautiful voice of Beyoncé.

Check out the video and give yourself a giggle, all thanks to Disney and 50 Shades of Grey (who ever thought that could be used in a sentence together?)

Cinderella, starring Lily James and Helena Bonham Carter, is due to be released at the end of March 2015.

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