Eminem Comes Out As Gay In “The Interview”

Amna Shoaib
The rap god gets full marks for knowing how to mock himself!

The Interview, which has thrived mainly on North Korea’s wrath and unfunny b****hole gags, has another feather to put in its hat. It features Eminem coming out of the closet in its opening sequence!

Eminem is notorious for his don’t-give-a-damn attitude and crass homophobic lyrics found in many of his songs. In “Rap God,” Eminem confessed to wanting to break a “table over the backs of a couple of fa***ts and crack it in half.”

The artist, however, seems to have taken a massive U-turn by openly coming out as gay. In the controversial and recently released The Interview, James Franco is shown interviewing the rap god. Commenting on his rude jabs at the homosexual community, Eminem says: “Or you know, when I say things about gay people and people think that my lyrics are homophobic, you know, it’s because I am gay.”

But wait…gay could mean a lot of things. Eminem might just be referring to his cheery persona, his lighter side. This is exactly what is on James Franco’s mind, and dumbfounded, he asks the rap artist to clarify. Eminem then says, clearly, that he is “homosexual.”

True or not (we're going with not), Eminem proves he doesn’t shy from poking fun at himself and his less than politically correct stance.