Emma Stone Calls Out Boyfriend Andrew Garfield On Sexism

Andrew Garfield learns to use choose his words carefully, thanks to his girlfriend and costar Emma Stone.

The buildup to the upcoming superhero movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, has been an exciting one, especially for the lead actress Emma Stone, who remained under media scrutiny for her “cute” antics.

The 25-year-old star is a diehard fan of former pop group Spice Girls and she got a chance to talk to two members, Mel B and Mel C, for the first time in her life during her promotional tour in Australia and England.

However, this time, Andrew Garfield stole the limelight from his girlfriend at a recent Q&A session when he made a misguided sexist comment after a kid asked him how Spiderman got his costume.

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Garfield explained that the superhero sewed it himself — which, he said, is “kind of a feminine thing to do.”

It was then that Stone interrupted him to ask exactly how it was “feminine”, prompting a hasty defense from the actor, who had by then realized that he had committed a major gaffe.

"I would say that femininity is about more delicacy and precision and detail work and craftsmanship - like my mother, she's an amazing craftsman," said Garfield, drawing a broad mischievous smile from Jamie Foxx, who also stars in the second installment of the Amazing Spider-Man.

"She in fact made my first Spider-Man costume when I was three. So I use it as a compliment. To compliment the feminine not just in women but in men as well. We all have feminine in us, young men."

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