Emma Watson And Prince Harry Are Dating!

Emma Watson and Prince Harry have been hitting it off on secret dates.

According to a report from Woman’s Day, Emma Watson is dating Prince Harry. Anyone else having problems trying to contain their ridiculous excitement over this?

The famous feminist activist known from her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter just recently accepted a role as Belle in a live-action Beauty and the Beast. Now, instead of just becoming a princess in a movie, she may actually become a real-life princess.

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Emma Watson famously touted the #HeForShe movement and has bravely spoken about issues women face. I can’t help but think if things work out between the two, then her feminist platform will be elevated even further, with royal distinction to back her up. She has done so much already to break barriers in the gender discussion.

Apparently, the story goes that when Prince Harry discovered that Watson had ended her relationship with rugby player Matthew Janney, that he sent Watson an email with an invitation to get to know each other. Their first outing was a group date, but rumors have it that they are hitting it off.

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An insider said, “He’s smitten – and it’s more than Emma’s looks.” 

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