Epic Ellen And Portia Fight Leaves Charity Hanging

The super-star couple were a no-show due to a fight on the way to event.

Saving SPOT! Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization that just got screwed by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. The charity is dedicated to rescuing dogs from Los Angeles shelters and was thrilled to land the very high-profile Hollywood couple for an event this past weekend. 

But the stars ditched the event and reports say it was because of an "epic fight". Ellen and Portia left the media - and paying guests - hanging. 

A source said, “Ellen and Portia were delayed and were in the car on the way, when they had an epic fight. They ended up turning around and not going to the fund-raiser.”

Both stars were listed and pictured on the invitation as hosts for the event that started at 5 pm. However, an hour and a half later, the media was still waiting. Finally, the head of the charity informed everyone that the women were not going to show due to "logistics".

Not good ladies!

Ellen recently slammed divorce rumors on the season premiere of her talk show. “I had a great summer,” she said in September. “I went on a trip with Portia, my beautiful wife — who I am happily married to, but thank you for your heartfelt concern, tabloids.”

She also answered speculation that she and Portia are having a baby. "I know everything about you, obviously, so we had viewers write questions. One of the main things that everybody is asking me about, and asking you about, and I thought I would let you clear it up, is If we're having a baby or not? So, I thought maybe you should answer that question. We're not gonna have a baby?"

Portia De Rossi answered "No, we're not."

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