Evolution of Dad Dancing Starring Gov. Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon

June 12, 2014: In case you were wondering why your dad dances the way he does, here’s presenting the evolution of 'dad dancing' with Gov. Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon.

Last February, Michelle Obama and comedian Jimmy Fallon teamed up in a masterpiece skit called “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.” It was one of the most viral clips of 2013.

Taking inspiration from the success of the performance with the First Lady, and to honor Father’s Day which is just around the corner, Fallon decided to do “The Evolution of Dad Dancing” this year.

The Tonight Show host chose New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as his partner in crime and together they tried to solve the mysteries of awkward "dad dance moves."

One thing is for sure: You'll definitely appreciate your father’s talents after watching Christie’s performance.

The Republican leader made his first appearance on Fallon’s late-night show since the "Bridgegate" controversy six months ago.

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Fallon had earlier in January joked about Christie on television when Bruce Springsteen dropped by on his show.

Both of them performed a parody of the Chris Christie saga – a song titled “Gov. Chris Christie Traffic Jam” that narrated, through its lyrics, the entire controversy of the George Washington bridge lane closures.

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Fallon also added a Bridgegate climax to the dad dance routine with Christie. Check out how the New Jersey governor reacts to it in the video above.

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