Griffin Family Is On Their Way To The Simpsons In Springfield

May 14, 2014: Cartoon Royalty is joining forces to rock your world like never ever before.

Simpsons + Family Guy = Can’t Wait!

Rhode Island’s notorious Griffin family is on their way to Springfield to meet the Simpsons. “The Simpsons Guy” – a one-time, one-hour Fox special will air this September. Yes, we are counting the days too.

No matter who your allegiance lies with, this union is pretty darn fly.

The epic interweave episode will see the Griffins bid farewell to their home to hang out with Homer Simpson and his wife and kids.

So how do the Griffins wind up at the Simpson’s residence anyway? According to IMDb, the Griffins are out on a road trip and somehow land up at the Homer Residence.

Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed the news this Monday at a FOX upfront presentation. There was a bevy of excited journalists and advertisers present who were shown a selection of clips from the imminent episode. Luckily for us, some screenshots found their way to the internet.

Here’s Snippets Of What’s In Store

An unlikely alliance: Bart and Stewie skateboard together

Boys will be Boys: Homer and Peter get into a fight on the road

Additionally, it is speculated that Lisa will help Meg find something she's good at, while the moms will try to get out of their typical house chores.

Remember when the Jetson’s met up the Flintstones? Does the epiceness of that meet level up to The Simpons Guy? We’re not quite sure.

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