Family Photos Gone So, So Wrong

These are the precious moments you want to capture on camera - like the first time your kid pees in your face.

Ah babies. So cute, so cuddly – so good at ruining precious family moments captured forever in photographs.

You never know what your kid will pull at the family photo shoot. Sobbing is the least of your worries when the pee or poo goes flying ... or sometimes the kid does.

Just to show you what we’re talking about, check out these hilarious family photos that captured the exact moment of "Is this really my life?" in parents' eyes.

The perfect beach backdrop turns into a baby catapult:

Baby Photo Shoots


Father-son bonding time: 

Baby Photo Shoots


Naked babies are cute – but mommy doesn’t think so ... 

Baby Photo Shoots


I was trying to tell you, mother ... 

Baby Photo Shoots


When you gotta go, you gotta go. Sorry, Mommy!

Baby Photo Shoots


This mom knows what a photo shoot fail looks like.

Family Photos Gone Wrong


Sorry, buddy, you're in the splash zone. 

Family Photos Gone Wrong


Baby's first stink eye! 

Hilarious Family Photos Gone Horribly Wrong


The parents can see the funny side of this gross situation. The family pooch, however, is not impressed.

Awkward Family Photos


This professional shoot just turned into an impressive stream of poop.

 Most Memorable Family Photo