One-Hit Wonders: Talented Actors Who Never Recovered From Their Fame

Here are some talented actors, who for different reasons, never really recovered from their initial successes.

These people were blessed with popularity, but was it more of a curse in retrospect? There could be many reasons why we haven’t heard from the people who once stole our hearts. Perhaps, because they were so convincing in their roles that it was impossible to buy them as anybody else.

These people belonged to some pretty big franchises ranging from epic movies like Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter to popular sitcoms like Friends, Frasier and Seinfeld. Some of these people just lost their identities to a role, while others moved on to other things.

Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men

He may have other projects like under his belt like Anger Management, but who is Charlie Sheen kidding? He will always be the chauvinistic, brother-hating pig we love.

Where’s Frodo From The Shire?

Marissa From The OC?

The world was divided into two people back in the days: people who loved Marissa and those who hated her.  Either way, Marissa had power. Alas, she didn’t do much with it.

Mitch From Baywatch?

We refuse to see David Hasseholf in anything but those red trunks.

Where’s Cher Horowitz From Clueless?

Alicia Silverstone never quite managed to convince us that she’s anything more than a vain and clueless Valley Hill girl.

Ross From Friends

Although David Schwimmer was adored as Ross Gellar in Friends, it was hard for people to see him as anyone else.

Wicked Draco Malfoy

We just can’t picture Tom Felton doing anything else besides messing with Harry Potter and the gang.

Where Is Eccentric Ally Mc Beal?

After 5 seasons of convincing us that she really is an eccentric lawyer trying to make sense of things, Calista Flockhart went on to act in the drama "Brothers and Sisters," which was canceled in 2011. She hasn't done much since.

The Psychiatrist From Frasier?

After Frasier, David Hyde Pierce went on to get an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree. He  has done voice-work and appeared in the dark comedy The Perfect Host.

Where’s The Cool Dad Who Kept Resizing his Kids?

We can only picture Rick Moranis as the father who’s either blowing up or shrinking the kids.

Where’s George Costanza from Seinfeld?

At least the wildly talented Jason Alexander tweets.

Is He Still Home Alone?

After terrorizing crooks and just about everyone else,  Culkin who was left home alone simply vanished from the screen and apparently immersed himself into the world of drugs.

Can you think of anyone else you haven’t seen in a while? 

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