Early Sketches Of Your Favorite Characters Show Just How Much They Have Evolved

Amna Shoaib
Some of them are crude, others downright ridiculous, but they are guaranteed to make you chuckle. Or laugh out loud.

Creating is hard. Creating a character however is doubly so.

Ideas get trumped, outfits get changed and minor tweaks made here and there. Look through the early photos of your favorite cartoon characters to see how far we have come.

1. Mickey Mouse

Presenting to you the first ever drawing of Mickey Mouse, as conceptualized by Walt Disney

Mickey Mouse

Over time, Mickey gained weight, ditched those stick legs for normal-looking ones and more importantly, learned to pose for pictures.

Mickey Mouse painting

2. Maleficent

Disney's weird ideas were not restricted to Mickey. Here is Maleficent with antennae sticking out of her head. (She looks just as frustrated with her look as we do!)


3. Ursula

This is how Disney and co. believed Ursula should have looked like...


Thankfully, Disney realized what a stupid idea it was, repented and decided to substantially up the fab quotient of Ursula. They based her on drag queen Divine and gave her these awesomesauce octopus tentacles.

Ursula drawing

4. Genie

The genie on the left probably featured in your nightmares...


5. Ariel


Ariel wore sea shells and had a realistic fishlike physique. (Did anyone notice the fish pout?) But 'realistic' or 'practical' apparently doesn't go well wherever Disney is involved. We are very glad for this change though.

6. Nemo

Nemo and his daddy were both creepily similar, orange, wide-eyed clownfish wading the blooming, grass-like depths of the sea.


Not anymore!

Nemo Fish

7. Joker

This is how Joker looked like. Even with a chubby face, he has a smile that says it could devour your soul easily.


Here is Heath Ledger posing with one of his old photos.

Heath Ledger

8. The Simpsons

The Simpsons were an angry, mean family who regularly electrocuted themselves to achieve that landmark hairdo.

The Simpsons

9. Frankenstein

Frankenstein The Clueless Monster from 1910


Frank realized that the market for confused demons with haphazard hair was saturated, and adopted the suave persona that we associate with him now.

Frankenstein painting