Caught On Tape: Beyoncé's Sister Attacked Jay-Z In An Elevator

Apparently, dealing with in-laws isn't easy for anyone.

Solange Knowles, Beyoncé's sister, physically attacked Jay-Z while she rode in an elevator with the famous couple after the Met Gala in New York last week, TMZ reports.

In the video, the trio steps onto the elevator together, and when the door closes, Solange goes after Jay-Z. A large man (probably a body guard) holds her back.

Interestingly, the body guard hit the emergency stop switch. It is likely that he was trying to prevent the fight from continuing publicly in front of the waiting paparazzi. The three eventually exited the elevator, but not before Solange attacked Jay-Z again with her purse. The Knowles sisters left together in the same car, and Jay-Z left in a separate one.

It is unclear what triggered the fight, and the parties in question so far haven't responded to requests for comment.

Twitter, however, was more than happy to shed light on the situation. These are just a few of many Tweets about the now-infamous fight:








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