Famous People Who Won't Have A Birthday This Month

These are famous leap year birthdays. If you were born on a leap year, then lucky for you, you only turn a year older every four years!

leap year, february 29, birthday

Of course, that's not true, but here are some famous people that won't have a 'birthday' this month, as they were born on February 29th, and will have to wait until next year to really celebrate:

Self-Help Author Tony Robbins: Born 2/29/1960

Tony Robbins

General Hospital Actor Antonio Sabato, Jr.: Born 2/29/1972

Antonio Sabàto, Jr.

Rapper Ja Rule: Born 2/29/1976

Rapper Ja Rule

Canadian Comedian Sugar Sammy: Born 2/29/1976

Sugar Sammy

Football Player Scott Golbourne: Born 2/29/1988

cott Golbourne

Happy (10th) Birthday everyone!

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