Proof That Filming For Jurassic World Has Begun Is Here

April, 24, 2014: Jurassic World, more commonly known as Jurassic Park 4, is finally being filmed.

The Jurassic Park movie series has been dormant since its third installment came out in 2001. Titled Jurassic Park III, it was the least successful offering of the trilogy and left fans a bit unsatisfied.

Thirteen long years have passed by since then. Even though plans for a fourth movie had always existed, nothing came of it until now. Filming finally began on Jurassic World last week after more than a decade of delays and now the first images from the movie set have been released via Entertainment Weekly.

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While that sounds exciting enough, the three images are anything but. How can leaked images of a dinosaur-centric movie not have some dino action in them? The closest we come to catching a glimpse of the extinct beast in these images is through the series logo.

Perhaps, the shooting has just begun, so the animals haven't entered the fray yet. Or maybe, dinosaurs of Jurassic Park 4 are all computer-generated and no actual models will be used. That's a depressing thought, so let's not go there.

The most likely of explanations for the dino no-show could be that director Colin Trevorrow wants to slowly and systematically build up excitement and hype for the 2015 release of his movie. He has been very secretive about the script and so showing the movie's wild creatures in the very first media exposure might not have been the right move. In that case, well done!

This is actress Judy Greer facing the camera.

This looks like a very old and heavily dented truck. No prizes for guessing who caused all the damage to its door.

With this empty chair overlooking what looks like one of the dreaded Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar, there goes our final hope of seeing a T-Rexor a Velociraptor.

Let us help you out with that then.

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