Guess What Video Game Pele And Coutinho Suck At? It's Football!

Pele and his former Santos teammate Coutinho sat down for a round of football video games, and it wasn't a pretty sight at all.

One expects two of the greatest football players of all-time to at least be competitive at anything football-related. But fans of the beautiful game were left surprised when Brazil legends Pele and Coutinho sat down for a round of video game football and produced a shambolic display of virtual football.

The two Santos greats were obviously holding joysticks for the first time, but they should've done better after a dosage of quick coaching. Simply speaking, their display as gamers was pathetic. It makes us thankful that these two played the actual sport and not the virtual one.

But having said that, their banter, anecdotes and comparison of the real with the virtual were quite interesting. Also funny was the way they operated in the game. Simple passes were misplaced, players frequently ran into each other for no reason and shots were fired over the bar from just a few yards out – in short, Pele and Coutinho played just like a pair of four-year-olds would.

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