Watch Former WWE Wrestler Jeff Hardy's Horrible Fall From Steel Cage

The nastiness of Jeff Hardy's horrific cage bump had fans fearing the worst.

Professional wrestling is supposed to be fake, with no real injuries to its burly brawlers. (Kayfabe is the term they use to describe this staged portrayal of competition).

But despite their scripted nature, sometimes the injuries suffered in professional wrestling are far more serious than those suffered in real fighting.

This past week, TNA wrestling star Jeff Hardy was at the center of one such incident, which could've seriously hurt him. The 37-year-old – famous for his time with the World Wrestling Entertainment – suffered a horrific fall from stage at the TNA Lockdown special on last Friday.

While Hardy has suffered numerous injuries and survived many nasty accidents in his long career, this one seemed all too real.

The medical staff came rushing in and surrounded Hardy, who hadn't moved an inch since landing face-first on the steel stairs. It was clear that Hardy's night was over and he'd be out for a long time.

Yes, Hardy will not be seen in TNA's upcoming tour of England, but not because of the injury – because he didn't suffer any. Apparently, his accident and the injury were all part of the script and executed to such perfection that it fooled everyone. It's actually a testament of Hardy's fake wrestling skills. Remind us why isn't he in WWE again?

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