Frank Caliendo Reads LeBron James' Homecoming Essay In Morgan Freeman's Voice

July 25, 2014: What if Morgan Freeman had read LeBron James' 'I'm coming back to Cleveland' essay?

LeBron James recently mended fences with a lot of his critics with his highly emotional and well-written open letter announcing his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However if you're one of those rare few who weren't moved by the King's essay, Frank Caliendo has just the thing that would melt your heart.

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Caliendo – the master impressionist – appeared at ESPN show "Mike and Mike" earlier today, and there he read out LeBron James' famous homecoming essay in the voice of Morgan Freeman's legendary voice. To be exact, he used the veteran actor's tone of his superhit 1994 movie, "The Shawshank Redemption."

Caliendo is usually spot-on with all his impersonations, but this one would go down as one of his best ones ever. Watch it up top, but let us warn you, you will not be able to hate LeBron after it.

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