Unforgettable Moments When Our Favorite 'Friends' Came Together

20 years after the first episode of ‘Friends’ aired, they still hold our hearts.

Twenty years after its premiere, "Friends" cemented its legacy as a television-changing sitcom. It introduced to television the still relevant concept of 20-somethings trying to find love and make it in a big city.

Two decades later, it remains a nostalgic narrative in the comedy hall of fame alongside the likes of "Seinfeld" and "Cheers." The show is relevant for people who are trying to do all of the things Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Pheobe and Joey did - whether that's owning a monkey, working your way up at Ralph Lauren, getting divorced, having babies for your brother, getting pregnant or falling in love with your best friend.

Although it's been years since the iconic "Friends" graced our TV sets, in the words of Miss Chanandler Bong: It is so not over!

While for some the show ended on a perfect note, there still remains that yearning for the old gang to get back on the screen so we can enjoy their magic again. "Friends" fans want a reunion– even if it means going on another emotional Ross and Rachel rollercoaster ride or trying to decipher where you are in the story based on Matthew Perry’s weight (but hopefully that won’t happen). "Friends" made so many people laugh, its only natural to want that again.

To tickle your sense of nostalgia, here are some of the top moments the Friends cast got together outside of the show.

1 - Ellen brings together Rachel, Chandler and Monica – or Lisa and David? Rachel’s "Monica and Chandler are sleeping together" face is no match to when Joey found out though. 



2 - Jimmy Fallon’s skit where he plays Ross in perfect self-engrossed musings, kills off Joey and Chandler and has the girls make a special appearance:

Maybe Joey and Chandler died trying really hard to be men:



3 - Matthew Perry’s show, “Go On,” brings together his old flame, Courteney Cox who his character goes on a date with. Monica and Chandler forever.



4 - That awesome moment when Jennifer Anniston is bombarded with "Friends" theme song during the filming of "Meet the Millers."



5 - Friends on Instagram:



6 - Let’s not forget how crucial the man who brings you coffee is. Here he is, 20 years later, at a "Friends" tribute in Soho. 



7 - Another Ellen: 

Matthew’s response: I so did not!

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