Friends Reunion Finally Happens, Thanks To Jimmy Kimmel

The reunion we'd all waited for finally happened, with some notable changes.

Ever since the legendary sitcom "Friends" ended in 2004, its fans clamored for a reunion.

Their prayers finally got answered on Wednesday night when Jimmy Kimmel masterminded the return of Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay and Rachel Green to their famous Manhattan apartment.

Although the reunion was unofficial and missing the entire male cast, it was still something. More importantly, it was very funny.

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It would have been more fun had Jennifer Aniston acted a little less pissed off, but we can forgive her for that. After all, Kimmel hadn't informed her or Lisa Kudrow or Courtney Cox that he has a surprise up his sleeve for them.

Moreover, she was probably creeped out by Kimmel's sleazy script.

Check out the hilarious skit in the video up top.

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