Just Accept It: This New "Frozen" Song Is Your Next Earworm

Amna Shoaib
"Perfect Day" is perfect to cure your "Frozen Fever."

Did you foolishly, naively, start to believe that life will get back to normal? That birds will chirp and flowers will bloom just in the same way they did before your teensy 5-year-old daughters were struck by that stupidly, annoyingly catchy song from Frozen and couldn't stop screaming "let it gooo" at everything as if they were in the middle of a constipation-relieving session?

Well then, haha! Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell have conspired collaborated once again to create the perfect sing-along song for the new Frozen Fever short movie. The duet is called "Making Today A Perfect Day" and the bad news is: It's amazing. We love it. It is just as delightfully amazing as "Let It Go." And we cannot help but sing along. Sobs.

The song unfolds as Queen Elsa and Princess Anna try to put together the best birthday celebration for Anna – while Elsa is in the middle of a nasty cold. These are the words that little girls will openly and you will secretly hum to yourself until Frozen 2 comes out:

I’m making today a perfect day for you
I’m making today a blast if it’s the last thing I do
For everything you are to me and all you’ve been through
I’m making today a perfect day for you

Good luck, folks!