Finally, Creationists Get Their Version Of Cosmos And It’s Quite Short

Creationists can no longer complain about air time.

When Fox rebooted Carl Sagan’s legendary science documentary “Cosmos” this year, many creationists expressed disgust over the series and how it’s totally biased against scientists of faith

They even demanded equal airtime on the show in March, saying their views ought to be included along with Neil Degrasse Tyson’s analyses.

After a month, their wishes were granted after Seth McFarlane – the executive producer of Cosmos – came up with a Bible-based alternative for the show on Funny Or Die entitled “Creationist Cosmos”.

Replacing Degrasse Tyson, Jared from the Baptist Church of Alabama explains viewers that God created everything except for gay people because it’s something that “they chose for themselves.”

He also describes how fossils of ancient creatures such as reptiles were actually a part of Satan’s diabolical plan to confuse humans, tricking them into doubting the word of God.

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