7 Tech Products From Hollywood Movies That Actually Came True

Hollywood dreams that came true. It's fiction that usually takes its inspiration from facts, but sometimes this trend reverses itself.

Hollywood, for example, has always been rife with outlandish sci-fi movies which boast technology so futuristic that it seems at least 3-4 generations away.

Here are five tech ideas that appeared first in Hollywood movie scripts before they did in real life.

Self-Driving Cars

The Tom Cruise starring 2002 movie Minority Report gave us our first glimpse of self-driving cars. Unless you've been living under a rock, Google has already made it, tested it, perfected it and will make it commercially available by 2017.


Back To The Future Part II's Multi-Channel Wall-Mounted Flat Screen TV (1989)

The multi-channel, wall-mounted flat screen televisions that Mart McFly had in this sci-fi flick are now found in most homes.


Memory Manipulation 

MIT scientists recently discovered the neural link that could let them help people to remember positive memories more strongly than negative ones. This is more or less what happens in Total Recall, Inception and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.



Kurt Russell was sporting electronic tattoos in his movie Soldier long before South Korean scientists developed it.


Space Tourism

This Stanley Kubrick movie was off the mark on several of its predictions, but the one it will soon get right is space tourism. The first commercial flight into the Space is expected to take place either later this year or early in the next one.



Autonomous defense system and killer robots a la the Terminator series are already in the making and will be available within a decade.


Video Conferencing

Another thing that Back to the Future franchise got it right was video conferencing. Hello, Skype!

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