Here Is Game Of Thrones' Real-Life Washington D.C. Edition

If Game of Thrones was set in present times, it's opening sequence would look something like this.

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones in essence is nothing but a complex story of power struggle. Same is the case with what goes on in real life politics, albeit with a lot less nudity and ruthless killings.

Ahead of the HBO series' season 5 premiere, the Washington Post's Osman Malik, Cameron Blake and Julio C. Negron have put together their own version of the show's opening credits. But instead of using the fictional Westeros as their kingdom, they've gone with the actual Washington D.C.

Perhaps, once George R.R. Martin is done with his A Song of Ice and Fire book series and if his health permits, he could work on the above trio's idea, which has been aptly titled: District Of Thrones.

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