'True Blood' Cocktails, Olivia Pope's Clothes: Hit TV Inspires Real-Life Products

It’s no Iron Throne, but soon you too could be one step closer to life in Game of Thrones.

Not ready to have your weekly TV show viewing fix limited to just that? For all of us obsessed with one sitcom or another, these products allow us to merge our imaginary world into real life.

The Wines of Westeros is a collection of 12 wines inspired by the many houses and families in the Game of Thrones. It will launch next year in time for season five of the hit HBO series.

Let’s take a look at other TV show-inspired products:

1 - How I Met Your Mother – The Bro Code

TV show

As fans of the CBS comedy will know, The Bro Code is an actual book written by the character, ladies man Barney Stinson, and was heavily featured throughout the show’s nine seasons. It is a set of rules that governs a “bro’s” life, and with it “any bro can learn to achieve Bro-dom.” Fans too can buy the book and abide by its rules.

2 - Breaking Bad– Breaking Bad Candy

TV show

AMC’s popular Breaking Bad is about chemistry teacher turned crystal meth producer Walter White, and while the show may be dark and violent, behind the scenes this was certainly not the case. As a substitute for crystal meth, the show used delicious blue candy made by New Mexico based candy store, The Candy Lady. Fans of the show can buy the candy on the website. The candy, like crystal meth, is unsurprisingly not recommended for children.

3 - The Office – Dunder Mifflin Paper

TV show

NBC’s mockumentary comedy The Office showcased the lives of employees at fictional paper company, Dunder Mifflin. In a clever marketing move, office supplies giant Staples decided to capitalize on the show’s popularity, offering actual Dunder Mifflin branded paper, with the company’s logo on the packaging.

4 - Scandal – Clothing Line

TV show

TV show

Scandal is one of television’s most popular and tweeted about shows, not just because of the juicy storylines, but also because of lead character Olivia Pope’s amazing wardrobe. The show’s star Kerry Washington and Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo have teamed up with clothing company The Limited to bring Pope’s classy wardrobe to the masses at affordable prices. The collection includes pants, jackets and outerwear, and will be available this fall.

5 - True Blood – Tru Blood

TV show

On HBO’s vampire drama True Blood, vampires drink Tru Blood, a beverage designed as a substitute for human blood. HBO decided to release the beverage for purchase, describing it as a “uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink.”

6- Castle

TV show

On ABC’s Castle, New York detective Kate Beckett pairs up with popular mystery novel writer, Richard Castle, to solve murders. To add authenticity to the show, ABC and publisher Hyperion have released novels “written by” Richard Castle that are mentioned in the show.

7 - Downton Abbey – Tea Collection

TV show

Award-winning Downton Abbey has captured the hearts of viewers all over the world, with many fans longing for the bygone era of elegance and sophistication portrayed in the show. To meet this demand, The Republic of Tea released a Downton Abbey-inspired tea collection.

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