George Clooney Promotes Nonexistent Movie On Colbert’s First Late Show

Being the first guest on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," George Clooney had no idea what to talk about, so he came up with a plan: Decision Strike.

After months of podcasts, teasers and hype, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert finally aired on CBS –and it was just as weird, funny and entertaining as we imagined.

The American comedian, writer and host proved he's the perfect person to replace David Letterman, as the inaugural episode left the viewers wanting more.

Colbert invited Jeb Bush and George Clooney as his first guests, and the exchange between the host and guests left the audience in fits of laughter.

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Even though Clooney was not sure what talk about and was only sort of familiar with Colbert, nothing stopped the duo from kicking off a brilliant episode. The two even came up with an impromptu movie, Decision Strike, for Clooney to promote, despite the fact that it doesn't exist. 

It all started when the movie star admitted it's easier to appear on a talk show when there's a movie to promote. So Colbert came up with the idea of pretending they had a movie to talk about, and Clooney took it from there.

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The two seemed to have a pretty good time on the show, and with this kind of a start, it seems likely that Colbert will do a great job entertaining his guests and audience for years to come.

Check out the hilarious video posted above to watch the interview and fake clips for the equally fake movie.

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