George Lucas' Empire Strikes Back At Snobby Neighbors With Affordable Housing Plan

Amna Shoaib
Here, the amazing George Lucas tells us how to get back at your neighbors.

George Lucas

George Lucas has been doing what many people past the age of 60, who have had interesting, eventful careers and just want to live off of fruit of the labor do: sparing no chance to diss his neighbors. And Obi-Wan has taught him well. 

Lucas had spent years unsuccessfully trying to develop an expansion to his production company’s studio in California’s wealthy Marin County. The wealthy people bordering the studio however, decided to challenge this plan and Lucas eventually shelved the plans.

View from Marin County

But the empire would strike back at these snobbish, wealthy neighbors. With a stroke of genius, Lucas realized this: nothing will distress a bunch of elitist, ridiculously rich people more than having a bunch of regular, working-class people in their midst. Smack in their own neighborhood.

                                Star Wars robot

So Lucas has presented a proposal to build an affordable housing project on his property – and foot the bill. The 224-unit affordable housing complex, complete with a community center, pool and orchard, would be situated on Grady Ranch, the proposed location of Lucas's studio. According to the projected income requirements, eligible residents must earn less than 80% of the area's median income. The median income for Marin County is $90,839.

Grady RanchLucas has denied any assumptions that he created such an elaborate strategy to get back at his neighbors, stating that his idea is a response to the skyrocketing real estate prices in the area.

"We’ve got enough millionaires here," he said. "What we need is some houses for regular working people."

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