There Is An Actual Crowdfund Campaign To Buy One Direction For $500M

These are actual people actually donating actual money to an actual crowdfunding site to buy One Direction – actually.

Teenage girls everywhere are mourning the departure of Zayn Malik from One Direction. The reaction was more or less expected since the boy band is perhaps the most popular one on the planet.

Devoted fans cried their eyes out, took selfies – and took selfies while crying – to express their grief and get over Malik’s (absolutely rational) decision to quit the group.

However, some fans, as it turns out, aren’t willing to let go that easily. In fact, they wish to take over the band – literally, not figuratively.

There is an actual GoFundMe page that’s raising money to buy One Direction for $500M. It’s been created by a group that goes by the name “The Sixth Alliance” and this is what they hope to achieve:

"Hi guys! We are The Sixth Alliance and after Zayn Malik left One Direction on March 25th 2015 we believe that something has to be done. So we decided to try buy One Direction!

"We would like to buy One Direction from Modest Management so the boys Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn have freedom to chose and have possibilities to decide on their own careers."

To many, this may look like a spoof campaign. Unfortunately, it’s not. At the time of writing this post, an impressive $1,502 has been raised by 106 people in 21 hours.

Even if this page fails to raise the mentioned unrealistic amount, there is another page that’s been set up by a different person for the same purpose but for a slightly less unrealistic sum. Interestingly enough, the second campaign has also been able to rake in $1,562 (of $87.8M) by 98 people in just one day.

Also, the hashtag #BUYONEDIRECTION has been trending as aficionados from all over the world promise to chip in.

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Apparently, Malik’s departure hasn’t only affected the lives of 1D fans but also of their utterly confused parents who obviously cannot understand how to deal with their children’s grief which is, by the way, (very) real.

Fortunately, CNN’s Hilary Whiteman has an answer. She has come up with a survival kit for parents who absolutely have no idea how to cope with this one-of-a-kind despair afflicting their kids.

For instance, for parents whose teen daughter can’t stop crying, Whiteman advises to carry a tissue box and do nothing else except try to listen to her. Don't even try to placate and console.

“You don't need to console, you don't need to give advice. There was a famous communicator by the name of Marshall Rosenberg who said, 'Don't just do something, stand there.' They just need us to hear the message that says 'you're sad.'”

On a more serious note, discussing disturbing trends such as #cut4zayn or #cutforzayn, Whiteman quotes Dannielle Miller, an author and teen girl educator:

“Seeing images of self-harm could encourage vulnerable girls to do the same. As a parent it's really concerning because images of people self-harming can be quite triggering.”

Other measures include encouraging teens to have a good cry, not to forbid them to use the Internet but advise them to not spend too much time online and last but not the least, remind them of Zayn Malik’s “wise words” when he said "it was 5 great years."

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