Potterheads Have Reason To Celebrate And Here’s Why


Studio executives at Warner Brothers are providing potterheads all over the world a chance to rejoice through a decision that will also earn them humongous amounts of money.

In a recent interview to the New York Times, Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara revealed his plans for the movie adaptation of JK Rowling’s 2001 story, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, based on the adventure of a “magizoologist” Newt Scamander.

The story, set in New York seven decades before the events of Harry Potter, is neither a sequel nor a prequel, but an "extension" of Harry Potter's "wizarding world", says Rowling.

The 42-page book will be expanded upon and adapted for the big screen in the form of a trilogy by none other than Rowling herself, according to the New York Times interview.

Rowling told Harry Potter star Emma Watson in an interview for Wonderland Magazine that she wrote a rough draft of the script in 12 days, adding that, “It wasn’t a great draft but it did show the shape of how it might look.”

Even though the movies will not feature the main cast of the Harry Potter films, Rowling intends to have them as extras and also pencil in a cameo appearance for herself. She said to Emma, “I tell you what I really want. I want you and Dan and Rupert in really heavy make-up in the background of a scene in Fantastic Beasts, and I’ll join you and we’ll sit in a bar room having a laugh for an afternoon.”

Sounds like an awesome plan.

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