Superman's Number 1 Fan Has Had 23 Surgeries To Look Like Clark Kent

Check out this Superman's not-so-super path to resemble the Man of Steel.

Herbert Chavez

A Superman-obsessed fan from the Philippines has gone under the knife 23 times over the past 18 years to look like DC Comics' caped hero.

Calamba City's Herbert Chavez, 37, has been so fascinated by the Man of Steel that he has undergone a series of rhinoplasties, skin-whitening procedures, liposuctions, jaw realignments, pec implants, bum implants, etc.

Meet Herbert Chavez

Chavez's crazy obsession with Superman began at the age of five when he saw Clark Kent in a TV program before making it his life mission to look like him. Since then, he has spent almost $7,000 on procedures to increase his resemblance with the fictional superhero.

Upon visiting the U.S., he became the subject of E!’s Botched show after doctors refused to fit him with the ab implants he so wanted. Doctor duo of Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif made the decision after they found that he had been injecting his abs and chest with an illegal and rather dangerous filler called MesoLipo. Instead, they advised him to lose some weight and exercise to grow six-pack abs naturally.

Superman fan Herbert Chavez

Such is Chavez's Superman fixation that despite being the subject of a show called Botched, he firmly believes he was right to have so many plastic surgeries.

"What is there for me to regret?" he asks. "Everything that has happened in my life has been positive and because of Superman. When my body says it cannot endure it anymore or when my doctor says that my body cannot handle it because of age, then I will stop."

Filipino Herbert Chavez

But why would someone go at such great lengths just to look like a fictional character? Apparently, Chavez has gotten it in his head that by looking like Superman he would inspire the children of his country. Quite how? It's anybody's guess.

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