Here’s How Disney Princesses Would Look With Realistic Waistlines

First, a caveat: Yes, we know that Disney princesses are stylized. They’re not meant to look realistic (how could they be, with those giant eyes?).

And although Disney isn’t to blame for the body image issues in today’s society (at least, not solely), it does have the ability to be a platform for change, to help counteract the media messages that impressionable young boys and girls imbibe on a daily basis.

Basically what we’re saying is this: the Internet loves, and we mean loves, Disney re-imaginings. From Steampunk Disney to Historically Accurate Disney to Disney meets real-life. So, what better medium than this to introduce “Disney princesses with realistic waistlines”?

That’s what Tumblr artist The Nameless Doll thought anyway. Here’s what she came up with.

Belle with a more curvaceous figure:

And Anna, too:


The best part is that The Nameless Doll recognizes that “realistic” is no one thing. Real bodies come in various shapes and sizes.

Some are muscular, like this Ariel:

Because of course Ariel would be ripped. She’s a swimmer after all!

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Some are plus-sized, like this Anastasia (not officially a Disney princess, but always in our hearts):

This isn’t the first time the Internet has re-imagined Disney royalty as fuller-figured. Buzzfeed contributor Loryn Brantz did a similar series last year:

These art series have not appeared in a vacuum. In 2014, over 37,000 people signed a petition asking Disney to create a plus-sized princess.

Some have opposed this movement, arguing that it promotes obesity and poor health in young kids. But such a critique assumes that fuller-figured = unhealthy. As far as we can tell, most of the re-imagined Disney princesses we’ve shared in this list, if not all, seem perfectly healthy. What’s more, health cannot be ascertained from appearance alone.

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