Here’s What Computer Games Would Look Like If They Were Real Life

Ever wished you could take some of the in-game mechanics out of your favorite video games and apply them to the real world? Here's what that might look like.

Well, Corridor Digital, a visual special effects and physical effects company located in Los Angeles, CA, can give you a pretty good idea what that computer game mechanics brought into the real world would be like (awesome, scary, awesome, nauseating?)

Grand Theft Auto 5

From the playable character’s swag walk (back flip anyone?), to the exaggerated mechanics, you better believe GTA V in real life would be awesome…or terrifying. Depending on who you are in the game.

Team Fortress 2

Well, of course you’d put cheat codes to work in real life, if you had them. If you’re going to get shot, you might as well go out in style (with confetti blood, that is).  

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The first thing we’d do with a real-life Portal gun?

Computer Games in real life

The second can be anything, basketball or otherwise. But it’s imperative that we get to do that first one.

Far Cry 4

There are few things more satisfying than the utterly baffling physics of Far Cry 4 brought to life. Yes, we too would love to comedy bounce a friggin big cat off of us.

Where are the random eagle attacks, though? We’d expect, like, a full Hitchcock devil bird situation.

Witcher, Skyrim, anything with an excess of potions

Okay, forget bringing Witcher into the real world. We want to see this mechanic be brought into the next game.

And, of course, Mario Kart

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