Here's What Dating Would Look Like If Disney Couples Had Smartphones

Artist Saint Hoax's Disney photo series shows how cell phone addiction can really ruin romance.

Although we are currently living in a society ruled by technology, most of us are old enough to remember a time when communication was much more organic and dates involved only two people instead of two people and all of their followers. 

Even more than that, we remember Disney's teachings about falling in love. Characters in Disney movies sang and danced when finding themselves smitten and did really romantic things together like ride magic carpets and what not.

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Could you imagine how dating would have been depicted if our favorite Disney couples were courting in this day and age?


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Artist Saint Hoax did and he used that imagination to create a series of photos titled, "Contemporary Fairy Tale" showing how iconic Disney dates would have gone if they had smartphones. 


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"As social media is expanding and new applications are emerging, people seem to be even more glued to their mobiles," Saint Hoax reportedly said in an interview with Mic.

"First came Twitter, then came Instagram and now with Snapchat, people are barely engaging with each other. What pushed all my buttons was when I witnessed two people who seemed to be on a date barely have four full sentences with each other."


Contemporary Fairy Tale

A photo posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

Smartphone addiction is a real thing, so much so that the anxiety and fear caused by not having your phone has actually been named "nomophobia," by researchers and psychologists. 

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"I superimposed our modern day habit on those beautiful fairy tales to show people how disruptive [our attachment to phones] is," Hoax said of his new project. "The 'Contemporary Fairy Tale' series critiques how technology is being misused."

Brilliant! What better way to show millennials that they have a problem than to illustrate said problem with their childhood idols? 

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