When Photoshop Fails Go Bad, They Go Very, Very Bad

Luxury brands are not immune to technological meltdowns.

With every click in Photoshop, you run the risk of being a victim of a Photoshop fail. This very real, very serious condition hits commoners and royalty (Beyonce, of course) alike. 

So many celebs are so overly Photoshopped that we barely recognize them – and sometimes they even end up having a missing body part. From models missing chunks of their body to extra hands and other unintentional anatomical anomalies, these images leave us wondering if designers have ever seen a real live human body before.

Take a look at these epic Photoshop fails and mistakes by famous fashion brands.


Moschino’s campaign features all of the elements that make for a great fashion ad ... until you notice one model is missing an entire limb. Are they just pulling our leg? This high-end label has come under heavy criticism from fashion fans after releasing this image.

Ralph Lauren

Photoshopping this already thin model to emaciated proportions – her waist is thinner than her HEAD – caused major controversy. The model later claimed that she was fired by Ralph Lauren for being “too fat.” Really?! Ralph Lauren's idea of the perfect body must be a famine victim.

Emporio Armani

It’s hard to believe how Beyonce didn’t notice how completely deformed she looks in this perfume ad by Armani. This is, in fact, a major case of Photoshop FAIL. Unfortunately, Beyonce is no stranger to causing her own Photoshop mishaps. Who Photoshops Instagram pics? Bey does, and not very well.


After seeing Lady Gaga’s original images for the Versace advertisement we really can’t believe the Photoshop job that this photo editor performed on Gaga. This is one reason why celebs love Photoshopping themselves. 

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a frequent flyer when it comes to Photoshop disasters than any other brand. Maybe the designer was jealous of these perfect VS models – why else does this woman suddenly have incredible Hulk shoulders?

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