He May Have Won The Award, But Stephen Colbert’s Speech Wasn’t Funny

August 26, 2014: Looks like Stephen Colbert’s conservative and ignorant caricature from 'The Colbert Report' showed up on stage.

For the second time in a row “The Colbert Report” won Outstanding Variety Series at the Emmys.

However, unlike last year, Stephen Colbert’s acceptance speech this time around was a little less hilarious and a lot more controversial.

Colbert started off by thanking his Comedy Central colleague and friend Jon Stewart and “everybody who was not on the stage.” He later congratulated his writing staff for winning the Outstanding Writing in a Variety Series award at the Creative Arts Emmys last Saturday – and that’s when things got a little awkward.

“We want to thank everyone who’s not on this stage who worked on the show. Our writers won last week for Writing in a Variety Series. I’m so proud of those guys -- and one woman,” he said.

“Sorry for that, for some reason,” he quickly added, probably realizing he shouldn’t have said that.

Predictably, his statement prompted a swift and critical reaction from various people on social media. People were more than disappointed to see how oblivious Hollywood acts with regard to the persistent gender inequality (as BuzzFeed also noted) both on- and off-camera.

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Meredith Scardino is the only woman among the 19 writers working on "The Colbert Report" team. However, it’s not just this one show that has a gender gap problem.

Women made up only 27 percent of television writers in 2012, according to a report released by the Writers Guild of America, West in June. It also revealed that they were paid almost “92 cents for every dollar white men earned.”

Further, this year 26 percent of the Emmy nominees were women -- a fact that further reflects the lack of diversity on television and the entertainment industry in general.

But it wasn’t just Colbert’s acceptance speech that generated headlines. Singer Gwen Stefani had a John Travolta-Oscar moment when she pronounced the comedian’s name incorrectly while presenting him the award.

Seizing Stefani’s gaffe as an opportunity to add some fun to Colbert’s win, “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon stormed the stage to accept the Emmy statue.

“She said it wrong, so there must be a mistake,” Fallon said, adding, “It’s just very interesting. I want to see the envelope.”

Watch Stephen Colbert’s Emmy 2014 win in the video below:

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