Hollywood Movie Locations Visited In Real Life

You'll be surprised how often movie makers use public places in their movies.

Hollywood movies may not be real, but the locations they are shot at obviously are – unless of course it's an animated film.

Journalist Christopher Moloney took it upon himself to visit places that have been seen very often in movies, and came up with his own unique way of comparing them.

He got the idea one day while walking through Central Park. He realized that most of the public places he sees everyday on his way to work have been used on the big screen. Hence, he started printing out movie stills of these places and then revisited them in real life for a comparison shot.

These are some of his best and most well-known photos:

The Dark Knight


Home Alone


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Cruel Intentions 2


The Hoax


Doctor Who


Resident Evil: Retribution


The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Good Will Hunting


The Avengers


Friends With Benefits


Maid In Manhattan




Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief


The Adjustment Bureau

To view more of Moloney's collection – which he has named FILMography – head on over to his Tumblr page.

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