Hollywood Needs To Change How Female Journalists Are Represented

There are plenty of female journalists out there-so why are they still being depicted as women who seduce and sleep with their subjects in movies and TV shows?

Marin Cogan writes a thought-provoking article, making us wonder why female journalists are still being depicted as seductive beings who manipulate their subjects.

The author talks about popular films and shows that represent this kind of belief, such as Mr. Deeds, House of Cards, and Chris Rock's new movie, Top Five. All these, and more, show women involved in some type of sexual or romantic ordeal with the person they are supposed to be writing a story on.

This conversation began when Cogan was at Huntington Beach, getting prepared to do an ESPN interview with a footballer player. When she told this to curious teenagers, they made jokes about how she must've "had sex with him" during the interview.

She mentions how we can't blame people for thinking this way, when all they see in Hollywood is female journalists having 'ulterior motives', or relying on their gender to score a good story.

Cogan mentions how Hollywood doesn't do such a great job depicting male journalists either, if we look at the lead roles in Anchorman or Bruce Almighty. 

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