Your Favorite Superhero Has Sold His Soul To Hollywood

In Hollywood’s superhero era, money determines success.

Perhaps because it’s human nature to either want to be the savior or the one being saved, it's no surprise how much we love our superheroes. This holds true whether they are in comics, cartoons or, as we have witnessed lately, films.

Superhero movies are a rising trend in Hollywood. What started in 1978 when Christopher Reeve first donned Superman's blue and red has grown into an industry where superhero trilogies are coming out at warp speed. This decade has already witnessed two different Spider-man (Spider-men?) in Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield. In 2016, Ben Affleck becomes Batman, a difficult feat after Christian Bale's portrayal of the Dark Knight.

It is clear that our superheroes are changing a bit too fast.

From this list of the top 10 highest grossing superhero films, it's obvious our favorite superheroes are in repeat. This makes you wonder if your favorite superheroes sold their souls, or rather, their suits, to Hollywood?

1) The Avengers
Bringing together that many superheroes, director Joss Whedon did an impressive job in "The Avengers." The film brought several loved characters from the Marvel franchise to the big screen in 2012. It may have been a bit of a gamble bringing together such diverse characters but at the end of the day, the $623,279,547 gross shows how much that formula works, or how much more popular they are together rather than apart.

2) The Dark Knight
Sometimes it feels that Batman lovers are a little more intense than any other superhero’s fans. This holds true to the morose tone of actor Heath Ledger’s last film due to his untimely death. The second installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy which ran in 2008 is the second most successful, grossing at $534,858,444.

3) The Dark Knight Rises
After the cliffhanger appearance/birth of a classic Batman villain, Two Face at the end of "The Dark Knight," the sequel was a much anticipated release four years later in 2012. It has so far grossed at total of $448,139,099, which is no surprise given the popularity of Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway.

4) Iron Man 3
Because Iron Man 2 was slightly disappointing to fans of quick-witted Tony Stark played by Robert Downy Jr., "Iron Man 3" was met with slightly warmer arms, grossing at $409,013,994 in 2013.

5) Spider-man 2
New York’s favorite creepy-crawly, Spider-man battles a famous villain, Doc Ock while coming to terms with his love for Mary Jane Watson. Although it was no clichéd upside down kiss in the rain, director Sam Raimi brought out yet another perfectly put together Spidey and MJ moment at the end when she tells him to “go get ‘em, tiger.” This film grossed at $373,585,825.

6) Spider-man 3
The adorable Toby Maguire embraces his dark side which is possibly something fans were waiting for. Directed by Sam Raimi, the last installment in this Spider-man series grossed at total of $336,530,303.

7) Guardians of the Galaxy

A lot of people were surprised at the success of this Marvel superhero film, which grossed at $326,565. With unknown superheroes, the film may forever be basking in the shadows of the Avengers popularity. But those who have seen the film can conclude that it has a charm of its own.

8) Iron Man
Jon Favreau directs Robert Downy Jr. in his first portrayal of Tony Stark. The first of the series, the film builds well on Tony Stark’s transformation to Iron Man. It also shocks us all in the end when he openly reveals his superhero identity, earning a total of $318,412,101.

9) Iron Man 2
Despite the lack of screen time by the main character, fans of Tony Stark remained loyal and the film grossed at total of $312,433,331.

10) Man of Steel
In 2006, Superman fans were disappointed at "Superman Returns." So when Zack Snyder directed “Man of Steel,” fans were eagerly waiting to have their Superman fix. And they were not disappointed. The film grossed at $291,045,518 and left fans wanting more. 

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