Horror Auteur Rob Zombie Wants A Skate Park Moved Away From His House Because It's Too Loud

Shock-rocker and horror director Rob Zombie wants a skate park moved away from near his home in a small rich town in Connecticut.

Horror Auteur Rob Zombie

In all honesty, it's always amusing to find signs of an artist or musician who is particularly into such genres as metal to show signs of domestication.  Granted, it is a sad aspect of American culture to be exclusionary and mock others when they are out of their place, even when that place is a choice.  But, it's still good to rib a few people when they are shown to be acting normal when they clearly do not represent that.  It is why everybody giggled when they saw Metallica frontman James Hetfield, known for having a burly physique and giving the air of a Middle America blue collar worker, walking down the street with a small shopping bag from Giorgio Armani.

Now, we have another reason to laugh, this time in the form of an old man yelling for the kids to get off his lawn.  The old man in question is horror film director and shock-rock musician Rob Zombie (born Rob Cummings), known for his run as lead singer of White Zombie and directing successful horror films such as "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects" and.  About a few years ago, Zombie and wife Sheri Moon Zombie moved into Woodbury, an affluent small town in western Connecticut known for antiquing.  Recently, Woodbury opened up a skate park near the Zombie home, probably to keep teen ruffians from vandalizing street signs, using crystal meth, and causing a ruckus.  However, the presence of multiple skaters in a skate park tends to create a lot of noise, and the related circumstance caused the Zombies to complain.  So annoyed were the Zombies that they actually requested the local town hall to move the skate park to a less obnoxious location in Woodbury.  When word spread of the Zombies' complaints, Rob Zombie had to resort to damage control on his personal Facebook to reiterate that he, in fact, does not hate skaters, they are just too noisy.

To give Rob Zombie some credit, his artistic inclinations, particularly those toward the macabre and horrific, should indicate that he was never into skating, a perfectly reasonable circumstance.  Also, as Reason's Hit-And-Run noted, there are some legitimate concerns over property rights that could be involved here.  Furthermore, Zombie probably does not think that skateboarding is much of a crime, he just ironically wants to keep the noise down.  But the sight of Rob Zombie walking up to a Town Hall and saying "I want to file a complaint!" is still pretty funny.  Finally, when the leader of the Woodbury government is saying "We do know the Zombies, and they are just normal people like anyone else in our town," one cannot help but feel that the Zombies have lost a notch in their shock factor by getting all domesticated.

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