7 Male Heartthrob Celebrities With Their Equally Awesome Dogs

Hot men, cute pups – swoon! We love celebrities – at least half of the world is a fan of any given male celebrity.

And if the Internet has anything to say about it, we love cats, dogs and all other furry things just as much, if not more. What would happen if those two forces of Internet stardom combined?

Can’t imagine?

Well you are about to find out.

Here are some male celebrities with their beloved pets:

Wolverine’s, ah, we mean the great Hugh Jackman’s bulldog is named Peaches.

hugh jackman dog

Who knew the Australian heartthrob could be even more lovable?

Ryan Gosling’s best friend is George.

ryan gosling male celebs and their pets

And every woman would be green with envy, except, they don’t want to be just friends with Ryan.

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John Legend loves his pup, Pippy.

We wonder if this canine gets all of the singer’s undivided attention. He probably has to share it with John’s super hot wife.

Liam Hemsworth, the dog whisperer.

The Australian actor, who is the actual brother of Thor, or rather, Chris Hemsworth’s brother, is actually a respected dog whisperer within the studio walls of Hollywood. And it must be true because Jennifer Lawrence said so.

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Orlando Bloom is going to make you gush.

Sidi was adopted by Bloom when he came across him in Morocco while filming Kingdom of Heaven. 

Josh Duhamel is on a mission.

Zoe is the apple of this Hollywood actor’s eyes, and has inspired him to work on rescuing pets through charity work.

Jake Gyllenhaal named his dogs after character from To Kill a Mocking Bird.

Yes, he has more than one. Their names are Boo and Atticus.

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