Move Over Handsome Felon, These Hot Cops Are Here To Stay

You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.

No handsome felon can stand in the way of these extremely fine-looking law enforcers.

#1: The Hot Cop of Castro:

Officer Chris Kohrs has been – unofficially – named the hottest cop of San Francisco.

Hot Cop

36-year-old Kohrs was "discovered" earlier this year when a resident of SF spotted him sitting around on his cop bike.

He has his own Facebook fan page which has more than 47, 000 likes.

Hot Cop

#2: Ryan Gosling Lookalike Cop From Australia:

Hot Cop

Yep ladies, Ryan Gosling has an Aussie twin.

Grant Hazell is a perfect doppelganger of the Hollywood heartthrob and is a police officer who lives in Perth, Australia.

Hot Cop

His incredible likeness to Gosling is so convincing that people refuse to believe he is not the real deal.

#3: Most handsome traffic policeman of Beijing:

Hot Cop

In 2009, Meng Kunyu from Beijing was termed as the most handsome traffic policeman of Beijing.

Hot Cop

According to China Central Television, he became well known on the internet after a few university students spotted him and chose to write about him for their summer vacation homework.

#4: The Hunky Indian Cop:

Hot Cop

No he’s not some actor from an Indian movie.

Sub-inspector Harinder Singh Sekhon is perhaps the most – and dare we say, the only – handsome policeman in his country.

He was the showstopper at Premia India Runway Week – a huge fashion event in New Delhi. According to reports, he’s been offered roles in Indian television soaps and movies.

“I want to change the public perception of the police through my work," Sekhon said in interview to Indian Express.

You sure will, Harinder. With those killer looks, you surely will.

#5: Brazil’s Hottest Subway Cop:

Hot Cop

Guilherme Leão from Brazil is the latest internet sensation you have to know about because he is the hottest guard in the world.

Yes, you heard that right. There is an actual poll for that.

The guy is 22 years old, 1.87 meters tall, weighs almost 180 pounds, and has a pair of sparkling green eyes. He works as a subway security guard in São Paulo. He became famous last week when Veja – a Brazilian magazine – declared him the best-looking guard.

Hot Cop

#6: Beautiful Police Officers From England:

Hot Cop

These two incredibly fine-looking Metropolitan police officers from London, Essex and Surrey ran 13.6 miles around Central Park in New York to raise money for a charity last year.

Their beautiful smiles did rounds on the internet for weeks.

#7: The Animal-Lover Baltimore Cop:

Hot Cop

Coming back to the United States, this hunky police officer from Baltimore was reportedly “inundated with marriage proposals” after a photo of him cuddling a stray kitten he rescued and then adopted went viral.

Hot Cop

Following his online popularity, Jon Boyer, 26, became a part of the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter ad campaign “Show Your Soft Side”.

He also has his own Facebook fan page, “I love Jon Boyer” that has more than 10, 000 likes.

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