How Social Media Nearly Killed Johnny Depp's Dogs

After a photo of Johnny Depp's dogs surfaces during his trip in Australia, the Department of Agriculture orders Depp to either send the dogs back to California or euthanize them.

In this day and age as social media increasingly becomes exploited, people are quickly realizing how careful we need to be on an everyday basis because anything, and everything, could be caught on camera.

Earlier this month, actor Johnny Depp had flown to Australia for a filming of the latest “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie, with his two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo. 

Failing to neither declare the dogs on arrival slips nor order them into quarantine, photos of the two dogs in a grooming salon prompted the Department of Agriculture to start an investigation.

"I'm upset about it," said dog groomer Lianne Kent to The Sydney Morning Herald. "I can't imagine what they'll be going through." Kent shared the photo through social media, which tipped off immigrant officials.

The department had given Depp an ultimatum: either put the dogs down or send them back to the United States. A couple days later Pistol and Boo were flown back home.

Remember the time Rihanna’s selfie with an endangered monkey aided in the arrest of two illegal vendors in Thailand?
Pistol and Boo most likely would’ve never gotten caught if Depp wasn't a public figure with such level of fame.

"The committee heard an individual found guilty in court for illegal importation faced a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail or a fine of around $340,000," according to ABC News.

Pistol and Boo were in Australia for three weeks. What if they did in fact have a disease? Although the department continues to investigate, this raises questions regarding how Pistol and Boo got past the airport in the first place with the numerous, strict protocols.

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