Huffington Post Goes Full Miley: Site Now Largely Devoted To Cyrus At The VMAs

The Huffington Post may appear to be focused on Syria, but their readers are singularly obsessed with Miley Cyrus.

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The Huffington Post's "Most Popular" tab is currently dominated by Miley Cyrus stories.

Miley Cyrus, you may have heard somewhere, performed at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). She twerked, danced with Robin Thicke, mixed in some singing. Meanwhile, the U.S. seems to be preparing some kind of attack on Syria, which probably just attacked its own people with chemical weapons. So that’s kind of a big deal too.

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America finds itself tugged between the news vegetables (Syria) and news sugar (OMG! Miley twerked at the VMAs). There is no better symbol of this competition than the Huffington Post, which has ran front page splashes of various Syria stories for the last few days. But where are the Huffington Post’s readers actually clicking? Take a look at the Most Popular tab on the right of the Huffington Post’s main page. Let’s see, we have Miley Cyrus (top story), Miley Cyrus (2nd story), Miley Cyrus (3rd story) and buried by all that Miley we have Miley Cyrus (4th story).

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To be fair, the Huffington Post’s readers mix it up from there. N’Sync, Kristin Chenoweth and Lady Gaga fill out the remainder of the first “Most Popular” tab. Those stories are followed by Miley Cyrus (8th story), Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift and then finally Syria Miley Cyrus (11th story).

The Huffington Post is very successful, and possibly the biggest reason for that is that they let people feel like they are getting their news vegetables before giving them a quintuple dosage of news sugar.

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