Hugh Jackman Hops His Way to Idiocy at Tony Awards

June 9, 2014: Never before has Hugh Jackman looked this stupid in front of a camera.

Hugh Jackman is a regular at the Tony Awards, thanks to his unique talent for live Broadway theatre. The four-time Tonys host was chosen to open the 2014 installment of the annual awards ceremony, but instead of being impressive as he usually is, the actor made a fool of himself.

Dressed in a white jacket and black pants, the 45-year-old Aussie began his act outside the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. He was posing for photos alongside other celebrities and in front of a horde of photogs when something got into his head and he bizarrely started hopping. 

He then headed inside the hall, all the while mimicking the gait of a kangaroo. He meets and greets a few people on his way inside, but the spring in his step never rests.

The X-Men star takes a mini break though when inside the elevator where he meets Neil Patrick Harris, but once out, the bizarre hopping resumes again. The reason for his hopping antics is later revealed.

On a mounted TV screen, the video of Bobby Van's Take me to Broadwaywas showing. It is of course the original hopping video.

While Van's version was far more vibrant and fitted his persona, Jackman's imitation fell flat on its face. Check out Van's original hop in the video below for comparison:


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